Caring for Each Other

Hello! We miss engaging with you face-to-face. Please know that we are still supporting students, families, and teachers. Hudsonville Public Schools has provided students and parents with physical and emotional resources on a page on the district website called Update Center Coronavirus (Covid 19) Information.

Care for Each Other

Although we may be physically isolated due to the need to quarantine, please do not allow this time to keep you from relationship and connection.  Reach out to your classmates to see how they are doing.  Reach out to family.  Reach out to coworkers and educators.  Call, text, video chat, and email.  Let someone know that you care about them, and allow others to do the same for you.  If you are feeling isolated, and just need to hear a human voice, call someone.  If you need to see someone, video chat with them.  They don’t care that you’ve been wearing the same t-shirt for 5 days in a row or that your hair is messy.  Chances are, they want to see someone too.  Additionally, please know that we care about you! ~Mrs. Cooley, Mrs. Golin, Mrs. Manzer, Mrs. VanWieren, & Mr. Kleinsmith

Read & Write for Google Chrome

 I am so happy to tell you that Hudsonville Public Schools has added an extension to Google Chrome called Read&Write for Google Chrome

Features include: word translation, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, audio comments and responses, word prediction, highlighting and study tools, vocabulary support, audio and picture dictionary, grammar assistance, screen masking and more. 

Students can use these tools to help them understand the information in their google classrooms. The Read & Write tools work in the google classroom, google documents, google slides, websites, and pdfs. 

You must be logged into your Hudsonville school email account for BOTH Google Drive & Docs as well as Google Chrome. You should see this on the right side of your toolbar. 

Here are two user guides: 

Tools for English Learners on Google Read & Write

Read & Write for Google Chrome Quick Reference Guide This guide has a complete list of the tools. 

Instructional videos:

List of YouTube videos that demonstrate the different tools in Read & Write

Mrs. Manzer’s Read & Write overview video


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