Homework/Project Accommodations

General Organization

  • Allow student extra set of books at home
  • Send daily/weekly progress reports home (translated)
  • Create separate folders for separate subjects
  • Create/monitor use of daily planner


  • Pair students to check work
  • Write vocab and directions on the board
  • Ask student to repeat directions
  • Provide peer tutor
  • Provide visual aids, written outlines, teacher’s notes, and cloze passages
  • Allow student to tape lessonsUse computer-assisted programs
  • Provide graphic organizers, pictures, manipulatives, and models
  • Use color coding/highlighters


  • Extra time to complete tasks/exams
  • Simplify complex directions
  • Hand worksheets out one at a time
  • Reduce reading level
  • Modify assignments/homework
  • Clarify assignment expectations (writing in a planner or notebook, typed homework sheet)
  • Use a native speaker for explanation or clarification
  • Incorporate study skills with tips and strategies
  • Allowing oral, typed, or dictated assignments

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