Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences


Elementary parent/teacher conferences will take place throughout the next few weeks of March. Parents should soon receive notice of their children’s conference day and time from their classroom teacher by email or note. Please contact your child’s classroom or EL teacher if you do not know when your scheduled conference is.

Are you wondering how to prepare for your meeting with your child’s teacher? Here are some great tips for parents in English and Spanish.

As teachers, we truly value the conversations we have with you as we collaborate to best support your child’s education. Thank you for your time!


Interested in learning more about the demographics of the English Learners in the United States? Check out the Department of Education’s most recent data story.

Colorín Colorado provides some wonderful tips on how to hold successful parent/teacher conferences with bilingual families.

Western Michigan University is offering a $10,000 scholarship for applicants who would like to pursue a graduate certificate or master’s degree in TESOL. Click here for more information.

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