Word Practice At Home

Hi parents. A quick and easy way to practice any words (sight words, spelling words, content words) that your student needs to know is to write them on sticky notes and stick them somewhere in the house where your student will see them frequently. I like to put them on a wall or on the refrigerator. There are many different ways that your student can use the sticky notes.

  • Read one or two (or more) while walking by. (Example: Read one word before taking the milk out of the refrigerator.)
  • Organize them into groups. (Example: group them by meaning, similar letters, same number of letters in the word, etc.)
  • Read them, change the order of the words, and read them again.
  • Draw a picture of what the word means on another sticky note and cover the word with the picture. Then, look at the picture and then say the word without looking at the written word.
  • Teach the words to family members.

This is a great way to get many practices of the words. I like to start with 6 words and then add a few more every few days. When the student has mastered a word, I move it to a success wall. As the wall fills up with words that the student can read and/or learns the meanings, he/she can visually see his/her accomplishment .


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